10 Unique Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas

So you’re getting married? That’s great! Now that you’re in the planning phase are you finding it hard to want to do a traditional wedding? You have no reason to worry about any of that! A wedding can still be beautiful and elegant without all of the traditional touches.

Here are ten ideas for creating the wedding of your dreams with a non-traditional flair:

  1. Get out of the church! Your wedding doesn’t have to take place in a church. While this is common practice for most people, more and more weddings are being moved to different places. You could get married on the beach or in the woods if you really wanted to. Your options are pretty much endless when it comes to not having to use the traditional church as your venue.
  2. As the bride, you don’t have to wear white! Many women are finding that having a coloured dress is more personal to them and shows off their personality better than a white dress. Find something you love and rock it!
  3. Take your wedding someplace tropical. Or if you prefer, someplace cold. Destination weddings are anything but traditional. You can go anywhere in the world to get married!
  4. Have a theme wedding! Theme weddings are always fun because it requires your guests to take part in all the activities. Maybe you’re into wizards and witches. Have your guests dress the part and make fun activities for them to join you for.
  5. Can’t afford to hire an expensive photographer for the events? Give all your guests disposable cameras and allow them to take pictures of your big day. This saves you money plus you get a variety of perspectives and memories to cherish.
  6. Skip the cake. Go for something like an ice cream bar or a brownie bar. While cake is the standard tradition for most marriages, it doesn’t mean you have to have it at your wedding. Give people variety and they will never forget it!
  7. Go to your favourite amusement park! This is fun for all the guests and you! You and your guests can take part in all of the fun activities and have a time you will never forget.
  8. Hire an awesome band! I’m not talking about a string quartet, I’m talking about a real, live band that is going to play all of your favourite songs. Whether it be rock or country you can choose all of your favourite songs to have played at the ceremony and at the party afterward!
  9. Have your wedding party dress the way they want. Obviously this is within whatever limits you set, but allow them to be comfortable instead of all looking the same.
  10. Instead of having your meal catered, why not have a pot luck? This keeps your cost low, is non-traditional, and keeps you from hearing complaints from your guests about the food. This is also a great way for your guests to interact with one another instead of just sitting around waiting for the food to be served to them.

There are so many options when it comes to non-traditional weddings. You just need to think outside the box! Getting married doesn’t have to be a big day of fanfare and nerves. It can be a relaxing experience that veers away from the norm.

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