5 Holiday Tips for New Couples

If this is your first holiday season as a married couple, you will suddenly realize that you have brand new challenges to face. Holidays, although wonderful and exciting, can be an exhausting time of year! Here are five tips on how to survive the holidays as a newly married couple.

Be Prepared for Personal Questions

After a wedding some family members feel it’s their right to ask personal questions about your relationships. Questions such as “so when are you going to have kids?” and “are you guys planning on buying a house now that you’re married?” or even “so are you going to change your name?” These are personal questions, feel free to answer them if you want, but if you don’t feel comfortable then just politely decline to answer and change the subject.

Easy on the Spending

A wedding is expensive, there is no denying that. The first holiday season after your wedding you may still be feeling the pressure from your many wedding bills. Family and friends are sympathetic to these bills and do not expect a newlywed couple to go over the top over the holidays. It’s also important to remember not to go over the top with spending on each other. You just gave each other the best gift of all: a partner for life. Give your wallets a break!  

Bring Pictures or Videos for Family

A holiday gathering is the perfect time to show off the wedding pictures or wedding video that some of your family hasn’t had the opportunity to see. It will be a special moment for the family as well as for the newlyweds because everyone gets to relive the magic of your wedding!


Don’t overcommit yourselves. If you want to spend some time alone and enjoy each other’s company to celebrate your first holiday season together as a married couple, there is nothing wrong with that. Planning and executing a wedding is exhausting and can be emotionally trying, so taking some time to spend alone as a couple is a wonderful way to recharge.

Talk Things Out

Holidays are stressful enough without the added pressures of figuring out your new lives as a married couple. Be certain to make time for each other and to talk through any arguments you may encounter. There are bound to be some as split family time and spending habits are all brought up in conversation. Remembering that you are a team and can tackle anything together is important when approaching your first holiday season together!

Enjoy the holidays with friends and family, but most of all enjoy your first holiday season as a married couple together.

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