5 Ideas for the Perfect Proposal

If the time has come for you to start planning the perfect proposal you may be unsure on how to proceed. You may want to be intimate and do something with just the two of you, or you may wish to make it an extravagant event involving a marching parade and a full circus act. Whatever you feel is right for you and your spouse to be, the moment will be in your memory forever. If you are stuck for ideas on how to deliver the perfect proposal, here are a few possibilities to consider.

The Personal Touch

Get her favourite dessert ahead of time and plant the ring in it somehow. This is a classic but a good one because it shows you know her favorite dessert and will make it special for years to come. Wait for the perfect moment to serve it and just make sure no rings are swallowed accidentally!

Go Public

You may have seen it on a movie or two, but have you seen it in real life? The proposal on the jumbotron at a big sporting event! This plan involves quite a bit of preplanning and going through the proper channels to accomplish, but if executed properly you will go down in history as having one of the most memorable proposals of all time. For this approach it’s probably best to be 100% certain she will say yes to avoid possible public humiliation…plus you’d hate to have to walk out on the Sens game halfway through if you get rejected.

Involve Those You Love

If you have children together or children that are in your lives, involve them in the proposal. Have them deliver the ring and say something cute and romantic. Coming out of a small child’s mouth, it’s almost impossible to resist!

A Scavenger Hunt

For the adventurous couple try making the proposal a scavenger hunt game and give part of the proposal at each clue spot. You can make it a cross-city hunt and involve friends and family or make it simply around your house or neighbourhood in Ottawa. Make the final clue be the location of the ring and joyfully await her response.

Extravagant Approach

Take her to a catered dinner somewhere romantic and remote, possibly a personally romantic place you two have been together before. Have soft lovely music playing and casually ask her to marry you at some point during the night. If she says yes, yell you “She said yes!” and have someone with fireworks ready and waiting and when they hear their cue they will set off the fireworks somewhere in the distance. It may feel a bit over the top at first but it will be the most romantic experience that both will treasure.

Proposing is a personal decision and should be done in a way that makes you and your future spouse comfortable. But don’t be afraid to have some fun with it and make it a special occasion!

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