5 Reasons to Write Your Own Vows

Wedding vows are one of the most important components of your wedding day. They show the sincerity and love through each word of commitment. When you devote and join your life with the person you love, it’s important that the vows that you share come from your own heart rather than a script. If your wedding day is approaching, and you’re considering creating your own vows, here are five reasons why we think you should.

Allows You to Reflect

When you sit down and think about what you’re going to say on the day of your wedding as your Ottawa wedding celebrant guides you and your partner through the ceremony, it naturally instigates an onset of memories and emotions that sparked your love to begin with. It allows you to reflect on your devotion, love, and truly communicate to your partner what you feel.

Shows Your Committed Effort

Taking the time to commit effort to writing your own vows is a great symbol for your partner that you are willing to commit effort to your relationship. Giving thought to your vows enables you to envision what your relationship is and will be in the future, and expresses those thoughts and emotions directly to your partner for the world to hear. Committing effort to expressing your personal feelings is a great first step for your marriage.

Reflects Personal Beliefs

Whatever you or your partner’s personal beliefs may be, your vows enable you both to share them in front of your family and friends. Whether it’s your concept of equality or a sign of devotion to each other, you can include what’s important to you both in the words of your vows.

Recognize Potential Challenges

Vows can also touch upon the realistic challenges that marriages may endure, but together, you both are committed to overcoming. Whether you’re on the same page or different ones, writing your own vows can highlight this – for better or for worse.

Connects You to Family

When you express your vows, you are sharing them in front of your family, friends, community, and wedding celebrant to hear and witness. They become a part of your commitment, which in turn, can create a greater connection with them as well. It is an expressive and reflective moment that is truly sacred and shared by all.

The day of your wedding marks the next chapter in your commitment to your partner. Exchanging vows are the core of a marriage ceremony as it allows you to express, reflect and truly commit to each other before your family and friends. So take the time to reflect and write your own vows. It will show your partner how sincere you really are about the commitment of marriage.

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