5 Signs a Non-Traditional Wedding is Right for You

The word “traditional” has often been associated with wedding planning, but how about trying “non-traditional” on for size? With all of the different religions and beliefs in the world, having a “traditional” wedding is no longer the aspiration for many couples. Here are five signs that a non-traditional wedding is right for you.

Sign #1: You and Your Fiancé(e) Come From Different Backgrounds

If you and your spouse-to-be have extremely different heritages, then it could be difficult to stick to one side’s traditions. Instead of having one side be left out and only honouring one tradition, perhaps think of making your own traditions! Think of the best parts of weddings from both backgrounds and create your own non-traditional mash up. The creative control will feel really good and it could be trend setting!

Sign #2: You are Both Adventurous

Perhaps you met your fiancé(e) while doing something really fun and adventurous, like snowboarding! And snowboarding has become a huge part of your life together. Well why can’t you have your wedding held on the top of a snow hill and instead of walking down the aisle, board down the hill together? Anything is possible! If this is your vision, then you certainly do not want to have a traditional wedding.

Sign #3: Black and White Aren’t Your Colours

There is no official dress code that you absolutely have to follow when it comes to wedding attire. Traditionally the bride is in white and the groom is in black, but if those colours don’t suit you then shake it up! No one is going to tell you that you CAN’T wear a bright red tux or a baby blue wedding dress. Break the mould and have a non-traditional wedding, you won’t get arrested by the wedding police.

Sign #4: Churches are Not Part of Your Life

Not everyone was raised going to church, and not everyone has the dream of being married in a church. As long as certain legal elements are met, you can get married almost anywhere you please! Have a discussion with your Ottawa wedding officiant and see if they will be interested in performing a wedding ceremony in a more non-traditional setting.

Sign #5: Plans Make You Anxious

If the idea of planning a wedding for 100 people stresses you out, then perhaps a traditional wedding is not in your future. Have a non-traditional backyard BBQ party with 20 friends and instruct them to keep it casual. It’s a Friday night party, not a traditional wedding! Whatever you feel comfortable and happy with planning will be the perfect non-traditional wedding for you and your fiancé(e)!

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