5 Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day

From the moment you awake on your wedding day, it seems as though you’re swept up into a whirlwind of chaos. Between the hair appointments, makeup, and everything in between, it can be difficult to remember some of the most basic and important tasks. Before your special day arrives and you’re caught up in the hectic and exciting commotion, here are five things to remember on your wedding day.

Remember to Hydrate

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, no matter the season, hydration is crucial. With all of the appointments and to-do items on your list, it can be the one that easily gets forgotten until you’re walking down the aisle and suddenly feel as though your mouth is too parched to say “I do.” Keep a water bottle nearby you or designate someone in your family or bridal party to be your go-to water boy or girl.

Remember to Eat

Getting adequately fuelled up for the day is important to keep you on track and steady on your feet. Starting with a good breakfast is great, but keep in mind how long it can be until you’re sitting down at the reception with your next meal. Aside from eating a good breakfast, keep some protein bars on you or have a plan for eating during the day so that breakfast isn’t your one and only meal until your reception.

Remember to Wear Deodorant

With all of the nerves and running around that comes along with the wedding day, you want to ensure that you remain fresh and ready to take on the day and night. Don’t forget to apply deodorant and keep it close by so that you can reapply it if necessary when those nerves really start to kick in.

Remember to Bring Comfy Shoes

If your shoes are the type that are purely for show without any factor of comfort involved, then you need to remember to pack a pair of flat, comfy shoes. That way you can hit the dance floor with happy feet that will allow you to fully embrace and enjoy one of the most memorable nights of your life.

Remember to Get your Beauty Rest

With all of the excitement and last minute things to prepare, getting a good night’s sleep can be the one factor that’s often neglected. But being well rested is essential for being ready to face the day ahead. Remember to make sleep a priority before the big day.

When it comes to your wedding day, make sure you have your most important and basic factors covered to ensure that you can truly enjoy your special day. Make a list and designate your bridesmaid or groomsmen to help you remember to cover these necessary tasks when the day finally arrives. Then you can focus on what really matters: sharing this love with friends and family and embarking on a new life together with your spouse.

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