5 Wedding Trends Of 2017

With 2017 in full swing and the warmer weather just around the corner, it’s time to gear up for wedding season! And if you’re planning your wedding, or are simply keen on finding out what the latest and hottest wedding trends of 2017 will be, here are the top five that you can expect this year.

The Look & Colour Palette

Neutral tones – Soft and earthy neutral tones, mixed with blue-grey and charcoal hues create a timeless and sophisticated look that can pair nicely with vintage décor and accents.

Rose Gold & Metallic – Both of these palettes have become one of the hottest trends this year. Couples can’t get enough of the rose gold tint, in particular. Copper and pewter are also favourites and can create a fun, fancy, and versatile setting. So you can expect to see much of these throughout the season.

The Venue & Setting

It seems now more than ever, couples are looking to find the perfect, unique setting and venue to really impress their guests and create the ultimate “wow” factor. That’s why you’ll find venue concepts such as large plots of land tailored to a theme, loft spaces, elaborate and elegant tents, and jaw-dropping rooftops as popular choices for venues.

Flowers & Greenery

Weddings of course, are all about the romance, and there’s really no better flower that epitomizes this than rose petals. That’s why garden roses, as well as dahlias, peonies and other soft petal flowers, are in such high demand.

In addition to soft petals, centrepieces and arrangements that are among the favourite trends this year include tall glass trumpet vases to create lush, organized and tailored arrangements that steer away from the freshly picked trend, and whimsical and eclectic combinations as well.

Unique Displays and Lighting

Every couple wants to incorporate their own unique twist into the setting of their special day. And one common way this is happening is through large, hanging floral centerpieces for the bridal party table with dotted lights intertwined. These big, bold and earthy green displays create the ultimate wow factor that pairs nicely with those neutral, or rose gold themes and palettes.

Non-Traditional Wedding

More and more couples are opting for non-traditional weddings. Swapping the priest for an Ottawa wedding officiant and the church for a beautiful Ottawa wedding venue or outdoor space, couples are customizing their wedding celebrations like never before.

If you’re wondering how the wedding trends of 2017 are going to play out, these are five of the most popular that you can expect to see incorporated throughout wedding venues this year. The elegant and classic colour palettes of rose gold and neutrals, along with soft-petal flowers and whimsical, grand centerpieces are guaranteed to set the tone of romance and create stunning displays that will impress the crowd.

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