7 Tips to Save Up for Your Wedding

Saying “I do” doesn’t have to automatically stir up thoughts about money and debt. It is possible to create an intimate, sincere, and unforgettable wedding day that won’t have you counting your change when all is said and done. Before you dive head first into your savings (or debt) use the seven tips to help you save up for your special day.

Think of it as a Party Rather than a Wedding

This may sound strange, but when you focus on the word “wedding,” money and all of those superficial items like the dress and flowers tend to be the main focus. However, when you think of it as more of a reunion or party, you can focus on the aspect of celebration and having fun with those that you love. Seeing past the expensive labels can keep you grounded and help you remember that it’s the celebration that really matters – not the décor.

Book it on an Off-Peak Time

It’s no surprise that certain seasons and even days of the week are much more expensive than others. Try to avoid book your wedding at those peak times. That means avoid a summer wedding, as well as booking on a Saturday as most places will charge a premium rate. Try to book on a Friday afternoon or even Sunday evening to reduce the cost.

Consider Non-Traditional Venues

First of all, when you’re considering what venue to go with, keep in mind whether they supply any additional items such as linens and audio equipment. If they don’t and the initial fee is already high, then you can easily blow through your budget here. Instead, consider hosting the wedding (ceremony and reception) in one, non-traditional spot such as a backyard, an old family barn that can be transformed and beautifully decorated, or if you’re a student or alumni, some colleges will offer reasonably priced spots that might be a viable option. Think outside of the traditional venues.

Keep Your Guest List Intimate

There’s nothing that will hike up your expenses quite like a large guest list. People are more understanding than you may think when it comes to being selective during the invitation list so keep it as small as possible. And remember – this is your special day. Keep it intimate and invite the people who truly matter. Plus, it will keep your costs much lower!

 Cut Out Unnecessary Additional Fees

There are other additional fees that are easy to avoid. Instead of hiring a photographer, get your aspiring cousin to shoot at a discounted rate. Ditch the limo and any other items that really aren’t necessary. This won’t detract from the fun!

 Keep the Meal Simple

Yes, food is important, but a simple, smaller selection can be just as delicious. Having a five-course dinner is very elaborate and often too much for guests to actually enjoy. Cut down the selection – think quality over quantity.

Give Some Thought to the Cake

Wedding cakes can be a significant expense as well. And often one that’s hard to justify so try to think outside of the cake box. Ask around for family friends who might offer a discount, consider going with just one flavour instead of three, or go with a delicious buttercream icing since fondant is generally much more expensive.

Weddings don’t have to equate to debt. With some smart planning and consideration, you can easily cut unnecessary corners and still create a magical day to celebrate with family and friends.

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