What Wedding Date Is Calling Your Name?

Summer is in the air and your upcoming wedding is on your mind – constantly. You’re engaged and suddenly everyone’s eager to know if you’ve set the date. Between the guests, the dress, and the venue, you’ve got a million things rolling through...
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Let’s Talk About The Wedding Party

When the big day finally comes, you want those who you choose for the wedding party to be your go-to people for just about anything – hair fixing, dress fluffing, deep breathing. You’re looking for your all-round little entourage for support. So naturally,...
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3 Signs You’ve Found the Right Wedding Officiant

Your wedding is the ultimate celebration of love shared by family, friends and acquaintances. Designed around what you want, a wedding often involves a great deal of planning. Every aspect of the wedding must be worked out, including things like the venue,...
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4 Surprising Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Weddings can quickly become expensive. With the average wedding in the U.S. costing just over $25,000, finding ways to decrease the cost while improving the overall experience will require thinking outside the box. With that in mind, we’ve provided...
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Exploring the Hottest Summer Wedding Themes of 2016

If there’s one trend that stands out above all this year, it’s individuality. This year more than ever, brides and grooms are flocking towards a style that is unique and ultimately defines who they are. Out with the old stuffy creations and...
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How to Be The Perfect Wedding Guest

Never been to a wedding before? Not sure how to act or what to do? Don’t sweat it. Here’s everything you need to know about etiquette and how to be the perfect wedding guest. Respond to the Invitation Promptly When you do receive that invitation...
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Writing a Wedding Toast to Remember

Are you interested in writing and delivering a wedding toast to remember? Good luck, you’re going to need it! All joking aside, there are some things wedding officiants in Ottawa recommend to write and say something that will leave people moved....
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What Should Couples Look For In A Wedding Officiant?

What should couples look for when choosing between wedding officiants? Let’s review the importance of availability and licensing, as well as the significance of the wedding officiant to the couple. Finally, we will end with a few questions you can...
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5 Reasons to Write Your Own Vows

Wedding vows are one of the most important components of your wedding day. They show the sincerity and love through each word of commitment. When you devote and join your life with the person you love, it’s important that the vows that you share...
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Have You Found The One?

There’s nothing quite like finding your soul mate, that perfect person meant just for you that you want to marry – or at least that’s what we’re told. But the problem is knowing when you’ve found that special someone. Sure,...
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