5 Steps for Perfect Thank You Cards

Creating a thank you card that portrays your authentic appreciation to someone following your wedding can be a challenge. So here are five steps from a wedding officiant in Ottawa to help you create that perfect thank you card for any occasion. Select...
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Everything You Need to Know About Tuxedo Rentals

Whether it’s your wedding day, a fundraising gala, prom or dinner at the White House (hey, it could happen!) –¬†chances are that you will need to rent out a tuxedo at some point in your life. When that time comes, just follow these steps to...
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5 Perfect Locations For a Destination Wedding

The popularity of destination weddings has soared in the last few years, with thousands of couples around the world jetting off to tie the knot. Sometimes they elope just the two of them, and sometimes their closest friends and family come along to experience...
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5 Fun Engagement Party Ideas

So you got engaged a few weeks ago, and you’re ready to start planning the perfect engagement party for you and your future husband or wife. Of course, it’s super important not to go overboard when planning an engagement party – after...
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Handling Those Awkward Moments When Planning Your Wedding

What many people don’t realize about planning a wedding is that it’s actually one of the most stressful situations in life, even though it’s leading up to a joyous occasion. From hiring your wedding celebrant to choosing the cake flavour,...
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Writing Wedding Vows From The Heart

The awesome aspect of weddings nowadays is that you can get personal with your wedding vows, as opposed to reciting the same ones that have been in use for centuries. Not only can you get personal with your wedding vows, but you can also say, well, whatever...
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Planning Your Engagement Photoshoot

Although not everyone knows the benefits of an engagement photoshoot, they have actually become increasingly popular over the last few years, and it’s no wonder at all. Engagement photoshoots provide the perfect opportunity to get to know your wedding...
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5 Steps to Choosing the Right Wedding Officiant

It’s common knowledge that planning a wedding is not only one of the most amazing, but also one of the most stressful events in an adult’s life. Planning a wedding includes getting down to even the smallest of details, like the colour of the...
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Wedding Social Media Etiquette

Weddings can be incredibly touchy times when it comes to etiquette. Determining what to wear to a special friend’s wedding or whether or not you can sneak in your cousin as your +1 even though you forgot to RSVP are challenging enough. How do you...
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Biggest Decision After the Bride: How to Choose Your Best Man

You popped the question, got a positive answer, and now your fiancé is happily planning the most important day of her life. Even though it may seem like your responsibilities in regards to the wedding are mostly over other than some random nodding to...
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