This Spring, Remember Why You Said “I Do”

Why not celebrate your marriage and life-long commitment together this spring? Let the world know that you would do it all over again and give each other the gift of reaffirming your love for one another for many more years to come. Not sure if it’s...
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5 Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day

From the moment you awake on your wedding day, it seems as though you’re swept up into a whirlwind of chaos. Between the hair appointments, makeup, and everything in between, it can be difficult to remember some of the most basic and important tasks....
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Tips for Surviving, And Enjoying, Your Wedding Day

Your big wedding day can be a whirlwind of chaos if you don’t have some decent planning involved and a great support network behind you. Being prepared and organized in advance can help prevent you from becoming flustered and overwhelmed. Here are some...
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How the Right Wedding Officiant Can Really Make Your Wedding

Planning a wedding takes countless hours of organizing, coordinating and prepping to create your perfect day. From flowers to disc jockeys to wedding dresses – there’s so much time and effort that goes into every detail. Yet many people don’t...
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Be Comfortable on Your Wedding Day

With all of the chaos and butterflies that inevitably happen on your wedding day, it’s important to feel comfortable! You’re going to be standing and walking in front of family and guests, and aside from looking good, it’s just as important to feel...
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All About the Ottawa Wedding Awards

The Ottawa Wedding Awards is a collaborative night where the National Capital Region get to celebrate and recognize the leaders and innovators in the wedding industry. Launched in collaboration with Ottawa Wedding Magazine and Ottawa Conference and Event...
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The Perfect Winter Wedding

Snow has sprinkled the ground and it looks like diamonds are dancing in the yard as the sun sets. Winter is a magical and breathtaking backdrop for any scene, especially for a wedding. Since “wedding season” is typically more of a summertime thing,...
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5 Holiday Tips for New Couples

If this is your first holiday season as a married couple, you will suddenly realize that you have brand new challenges to face. Holidays, although wonderful and exciting, can be an exhausting time of year! Here are five tips on how to survive the holidays...
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Making a Wedding Toast

If you’re one of those rare people who actually enjoy giving a toast – first of all, count yourself lucky. Second of all, make sure you know the proper etiquette when it comes to delivering that speech at a wedding. Sure, maybe you’re a good friend...
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How to Survive Wedding Planning Stress

There’s nothing quite as stress-inducing as sitting down with your notepad and pen to make your very first “to do” list after officially setting the date of your wedding. You start off in a state of blissful excitement, and before long you realize...
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