7 Tips to Save Up for Your Wedding

Saying “I do” doesn’t have to automatically stir up thoughts about money and debt. It is possible to create an intimate, sincere, and unforgettable wedding day that won’t have you counting your change when all is said and done. Before you dive...
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Making a Wedding Toast

If you’re one of those rare people who actually enjoy giving a toast – first of all, count yourself lucky. Second of all, make sure you know the proper etiquette when it comes to delivering that speech at a wedding. Sure, maybe you’re a good friend...
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How to Survive Wedding Planning Stress

There’s nothing quite as stress-inducing as sitting down with your notepad and pen to make your very first “to do” list after officially setting the date of your wedding. You start off in a state of blissful excitement, and before long you realize...
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Handling Those Awkward Moments When Planning Your Wedding

What many people don’t realize about planning a wedding is that it’s actually one of the most stressful situations in life, even though it’s leading up to a joyous occasion. From hiring your wedding celebrant to choosing the cake flavour,...
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Biggest Decision After the Bride: How to Choose Your Best Man

You popped the question, got a positive answer, and now your fiancé is happily planning the most important day of her life. Even though it may seem like your responsibilities in regards to the wedding are mostly over other than some random nodding to...
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Choosing The Right Honeymoon Location

Sometimes planning a wedding can feel impossible. Along with getting everything and everyone together, there are a myriad of little details that have to be taken into consideration. Typically the honeymoon location is an afterthought, when soon-to-be...
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Find Your Wedding Style in 10 Questions Or Fewer

So you’ve said yes, and you’ve started on the journey of planning the day of your dreams. Planning a wedding is much less stressful once everything is on paper about how you and your fiancé feel about the budget, venue, guests, and other...
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5 Phrases to Eliminate from Your Pre-Wedding Vocabulary

Pre-wedding stress and jitters are completely natural, and communicating effectively with your spouse-to-be throughout this stressful period is extremely important. This being said, phrases with negative tones should be avoided to prevent miscommunication....
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How to Have a Happy Life Together

Now that your big Ottawa wedding celebration is over, and the rice confetti has fallen, it’s time to look over some of the things that will guarantee you and your other half a happy married life together. Share duties If you weren’t living...
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6 Tips to Start Married Life on the Right Path

So you’ve had an unforgettable wedding ceremony, presided over by a joyous and creative wedding celebrant. You and your partner have invited all of your loved ones to share in celebration of your union. What do you do now that the wedding is over?...
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