Wedding Ideas


5 Wedding Trends Of 2017

With 2017 in full swing and the warmer weather just around the corner, it’s time to gear up for wedding season! And if you’re planning your wedding, or are simply keen on finding out what the latest and hottest wedding trends of 2017 will be, here...
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The Frugal Wedding

After the holidays, things seem to take a while to settle down financially. Every year more is spent than initially intended and credit cards may be higher than you would hope they would be. Perhaps it even feels like you will never be able to climb out...
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The Perfect Winter Wedding

Snow has sprinkled the ground and it looks like diamonds are dancing in the yard as the sun sets. Winter is a magical and breathtaking backdrop for any scene, especially for a wedding. Since “wedding season” is typically more of a summertime thing,...
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How to Minimize Wedding Planning Stress

Weddings are full of excitement, chaos, and of course, stress. This is especially true when you’re in the full throes of planning out your big day. Between the caterers, finding the perfect venue, figuring out who you have to invite, and arranging the...
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5 Signs a Non-Traditional Wedding is Right for You

The word “traditional” has often been associated with wedding planning, but how about trying “non-traditional” on for size? With all of the different religions and beliefs in the world, having a “traditional” wedding is no longer the aspiration...
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What Wedding Date Is Calling Your Name?

Summer is in the air and your upcoming wedding is on your mind – constantly. You’re engaged and suddenly everyone’s eager to know if you’ve set the date. Between the guests, the dress, and the venue, you’ve got a million things rolling through...
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3 Signs You’ve Found the Right Wedding Officiant

Your wedding is the ultimate celebration of love shared by family, friends and acquaintances. Designed around what you want, a wedding often involves a great deal of planning. Every aspect of the wedding must be worked out, including things like the venue,...
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4 Surprising Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Weddings can quickly become expensive. With the average wedding in the U.S. costing just over $25,000, finding ways to decrease the cost while improving the overall experience will require thinking outside the box. With that in mind, we’ve provided...
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Exploring the Hottest Summer Wedding Themes of 2016

If there’s one trend that stands out above all this year, it’s individuality. This year more than ever, brides and grooms are flocking towards a style that is unique and ultimately defines who they are. Out with the old stuffy creations and...
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5 Steps for Perfect Thank You Cards

Creating a thank you card that portrays your authentic appreciation to someone following your wedding can be a challenge. So here are five steps from a wedding officiant in Ottawa to help you create that perfect thank you card for any occasion. Select...
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