Have You Found The One?

There’s nothing quite like finding your soul mate, that perfect person meant just for you that you want to marry – or at least that’s what we’re told. But the problem is knowing when you’ve found that special someone. Sure, you may feel hopelessly in love and ready to seal the deal forever, but how can you really know if they are “the One” for you. Here are a few key signs that will help you find out.

They’re Your Own Personal Cheerleader

A soul mate is someone who supports you no matter what. They stand by you, are always in your corner, and will cheer you on towards you ambitions and dreams like your own personal cheerleader. If your partner supports you, unconditionally, then this is one of the first major signs that you may have found your soul mate.

Being with Them is Effortless

You know all of those people you’ve dated in the past that made you chase them or initiate in some form of tug-of-war struggle? They definitely were not “the One.” When you find that special someone, your relationship should seem like an effortless partnership – something that seemed to develop naturally. No mind games or chasing here!

You Can Argue Respectfully

Every relationship naturally involves disagreements. When you argue with your partner, it can show you a lot about them, and the dynamic between both of you that may not have been noticeable before. A great and healthy relationship involves arguments that don’t cause disrespect or mistreatment of each other. If you and your partner argue without disrespecting each other and can settle it without any negative feelings that make it linger – this is a promising sign.

You Make Each Other a Priority

Whether it’s work, friends or a hockey game, your partner should make spending time with you a priority. A healthy relationship should be filled with a desire to share every experience together – maybe not every experience – but at least most. Whether it’s a new restaurant, or a new feature movie you want to see – if your partner gets excited about sharing experiences with you, you may just have found that special someone.

Your Happiness Means Their Happiness

Along with sharing new experiences, it’s also important for your partner to recognize what your happiness entails. Maybe certain experiences aren’t your thing. Whatever the situation, if your partner makes your happiness a priority – you’ve got something pretty special.

Knowing when you’ve found that special someone isn’t always as clear as you may expect. But it is something that when you really think and reflect upon, you can feel. Soul mates are like a reflection of each other – you may differ in interests and lifestyles, but when it comes down to the core of your values, attitudes and beliefs – it should really feel like a true partnership in life.

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