Let’s Talk About The Wedding Party

When the big day finally comes, you want those who you choose for the wedding party to be your go-to people for just about anything – hair fixing, dress fluffing, deep breathing. You’re looking for your all-round little entourage for support. So naturally, it’s important to choose them wisely. Here are a few tips on creating your perfect A-team wedding party.

Include Family First

Naturally, you should include your siblings, whether you love the idea or not – family comes first. They are generally your first frontline of support no matter what. And if you do happen to turn into a bridezilla, they’re the people who will most likely handle it and still love you after. So make room for them next to you on that special day.

Ask Those Who Mean the Most to You

Family aside, clearly you want to share one of the best days with the people who are most near and dear to you. And what better way to make your day all the more special than by having those close, lifelong friends who have stood by you during each and every awkward phase of life, stand by you once again. Those are the people to include in one of the most memorable days of your life.

Don’t Ask Out of Obligation

If you were selected for someone’s wedding party and feel obliged to ask them to be a part of yours even though to you it doesn’t feel right – don’t. This is your day, and people are more understanding than your think. Asking a person out of obligation or just to return the favour is not the way to go. If you have any awkward feelings about it, simply explain that the decision was really tough, and there was too many people you wish could be a part of it too. This is the one day that truly gets to be about you (and your fiancée, of course) – so own it.

You Don’t Have to Include Kids

Kids are not a required part of the wedding party. So if you don’t have any little ones that you’re particularly fond of or close to – you don’t have to include any. Ring bearers and flowers girls are extras for those who do have kids that they want to be included. But again, they’re not necessary. So don’t feel bad.

When creating your wedding party, always start with family first, and your best friends next. Don’t feel the need to include someone out of obligation, including children. This is after all, your special day, so it’s okay to be a little selfish.

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