Making a Wedding Toast

If you’re one of those rare people who actually enjoy giving a toast – first of all, count yourself lucky. Second of all, make sure you know the proper etiquette when it comes to delivering that speech at a wedding. Sure, maybe you’re a good friend of the bride, or were the one who introduced the couple, but it’s also important to be respectful and realize that these big days are like a massive orchestrated event.

So if you want to give a toast, here are some tips from an Ottawa wedding celebrant so that you don’t throw an awkward note into that symphony.

Choose the Right Time

If you’ve never been to a wedding before, you may not realize just how orchestrated every moment is throughout the day. From the moment that bride walks down the aisle, the clock is ticking and the plans are in motion. So choosing the right time to make your toast is essential. Most speeches that are made on the wedding day consist of the wedding party, family, and the newlywed couple. So you better not steal their thunder!

Instead, make a plan to share yours either at the rehearsal dinner or even post-wedding brunch. And if you’re feeling unsure, just ask the best man or maid of honour when would be appropriate. They can even set the stage for you.

Keep it Light

When you do give your toast, keep the material light and simple. No one wants to listen to anyone with negative, or extremely embarrassing stories. Don’t be awkward. Keep the vibes positive and always end with well wishes.

Keep it Short

There’s nothing worse than having to endure a drawn-out toast. Keep in mind that most people at the wedding probably don’t know you. So don’t steal the stage for a significant amount of time. Keep your sentiment short and sweet.

Keep it Clean

The groom may have very well been your college roommate, but that doesn’t mean you get to reminisce in front of his family and friends about your college banter and gimmicks. Keep your speech clean and appropriate.

Add Humour

Of course, adding some humour to the mix is always a welcome addition, and one that will keep the crowd listening. Just because it has to be clean doesn’t mean you can’t add a little tasteful humour.

Don’t Read

If you are going to speak, prepare and memorize what you’re going to say ahead of time. Avoid reading it.

Giving a toast can be a very welcome and appreciated gesture for the newlywed couple. But always ensure that you’re offering your sentiment appropriately without impeding upon any of those very carefully planned out moments.

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