How to Minimize Wedding Planning Stress

Weddings are full of excitement, chaos, and of course, stress. This is especially true when you’re in the full throes of planning out your big day. Between the caterers, finding the perfect venue, figuring out who you have to invite, and arranging the seating so that everyone gets along – well, it can make you want to almost forgo the plans and just head straight for the champagne.  But luckily there have been many couples that have endured this long before you have, and with that comes a lot of great advice.

So if you’re looking to minimize your wedding planning stress, here are some tips that might just help.

Start Early

If there’s one thing above all that can help to reduce that anxiety, it’s beginning the planning process good and early. That way you can take your time to iron out all the details, figure out what you like and don’t like, and of course, have enough time to alter any arrangements. So once you’ve nailed down that date, get started.

Do What Feels Right for You

Sure, wedding days are consumed by traditions, but don’t let that stress you or pressure you into incorporating something into your day that doesn’t feel right or comfortable to you. Don’t like the idea of tossing a bouquet? Ditch it! Hate the veil? Cut it loose! Would you rather have your wedding officiated by a wedding celebrant? Go for it! If that little voice inside you is screaming for a smaller, intimate setting, listen to it! It will make your day much more enjoyable when you feel comfortable.

Be Selfish

From the moment you announce your engagement, opinions and judgements about your date, the venue, the style of dress you choose to wear and everything in between will be praised or judged by your in-laws, parents, bridesmaids and everyone else. Start practicing the art of not caring. Be selfish! This is a day for you and you fiancé(e). Ignore any negative opinions from others.

Spend Time With Your Family and Friends

Make sure to carve out some time outside of wedding planning with your family and friends. Not only will this allow your mind to decompress and drift momentarily away from planning, but it will also show some appreciation to your family and friends for helping you out and being there to support you.

Wedding planning can easily be conquered if you simply start early. Learn what you and your partner want and don’t want. Be firm about your decisions and learn not to care what others may think. After all, it’s your special day, so it’s okay to be a little selfish!

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