The Perfect Winter Wedding

Snow has sprinkled the ground and it looks like diamonds are dancing in the yard as the sun sets. Winter is a magical and breathtaking backdrop for any scene, especially for a wedding. Since “wedding season” is typically more of a summertime thing, create your own magical setting that will be completely different from any of the weddings you have previously attended. Winter is full of beauty and romance, give your wedding a flare that only winter can bring.

Snowflake Theme

Snowflakes are so beautiful and unique. Sprinkle your wedding with snowflakes of all varieties and have your guests feel like they are in a winter wonderland. Party favours can include snowflake Christmas tree ornaments commemorating your wedding day to be cherished and remembered every year when the tree is decorated.

Wedding Pictures with Snow Sprinkling

Instead of the traditional sweat pouring off the wedding party’s face as pictures are taken in the heat of summer, have some beautiful and stunningly original pictures taken with a winter backdrop. A frozen lake with trees drizzled with snow or an untouched field with a perfect blanket of powder white snow in the background, whatever you desire, use the beauty of winter as your creative backdrop for your wedding pictures.

Outdoor Wedding

If you can find a wedding officiant who is willing to marry you under the snowfall then having an outdoor winter wedding would be stunningly memorable! Of course advanced warning to your guests would be necessary because they will need to dress appropriately for the chilly occasion. But you can be certain to give your guests a wedding experience unlike any they have ever experienced.

Snow Machine Inside

Don’t love the idea of standing out in the cold to say “I do”? To carry the winter theme into the comforts of the toasty indoors, rent a snow machine to sprinkle you and your guests with snowflakes throughout the ceremony.  

Ice Cream Station

As your guests are cozy and warm inside, bring a bit of the ice in for them! Have an ice cream station at your reception to celebrate how much we all do in fact love the cold! Incorporate your wedding colours into the selections, it’ll be a cold blast of fun for all ages.

In a city as beautiful as Ottawa there are so many breathtaking vantage points you can go to in order to capitalize on your winter wedding experience. Do something different and bring the magic and beauty of winter together to form the wedding of your dreams.

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