How the Right Wedding Officiant Can Really Make Your Wedding

Planning a wedding takes countless hours of organizing, coordinating and prepping to create your perfect day. From flowers to disc jockeys to wedding dresses – there’s so much time and effort that goes into every detail. Yet many people don’t spend enough time choosing their officiant. Considering they are the person who orchestrates the marriage, it’s an important detail to really consider carefully. They validate your nuptials, create the ceremony ambiance and help to bring your vision to life.

Here’s how the right wedding officiant can really make your wedding day.

Type of Service

Your perfect officiant will be someone whom you connect with, who understands your needs and has ample experience in performing the type of service you are planning. Whether it is a traditional wedding in a place of worship or a contemporary wedding in a park or home, the person you choose should be able to convey your vision appropriately. If you and your partner are from different religions or are an LGBTQ couple, you will want to find an officiant who is skilled and comfortable with the service.


Your wedding is your special day. Whether you prefer vows over passages, music over scripture, traditional verse over prepared verse, you will want an officiant who can create a customized ceremony that reflects your sense of spirituality.

Tone and Voice

Leading a service is a big responsibility and having the right officiant can really make or break your wedding ceremony. You will want someone with a powerful voice that is full of emotion, sincerity, and delight by your side. Depending on the style of wedding you wish to have, the tone of the officiant should match your theme. Some officiants are more colourful and can add a touch of fun and entertainment to your ceremony, while others are more reserved, calm, and soft-spoken.

When planning your wedding, it’s important to take the time to really put thought into selecting the right officiant for your big day. The officiant is there to lead and guide you through the ceremony and help orchestrate your perfect vision. Making sure that you have chemistry with the person and a sense of trust and understanding will make all the difference on your wedding day.

Martin Carnahan is one of Ottawa’s most popular wedding officiants. As an Ordinated Minister, he is licensed to perform weddings in the province of Ontario. He has been helping loving couples tie the knot since 1988 and set off on a shared journey of happiness. Contact Martin at 613-823-8194 to learn more about his wedding celebrant services.

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