Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

So you’ve got the ring, set the date, struggled through the guest list – now it’s time to shop for the wedding dress! But before you head out with your entourage to browse the bridal salons, there are some important things to know ahead of your shopping day. Here we cover some of the essential factors to be aware of and consider before you head out shopping for your wedding dress.

Keep your Entourage Small

There’s nothing worse than entering a bridal gown salon with 10+ people and not enough room to comfortably fit everyone without being in the way of others. Shopping for the wedding dress doesn’t have to be an elaborate event that’s shared among many people. Keep it small and intimate, limiting your entourage to no more than two or three of your dearest friends to help you.

Plan Ahead for Undergarments

Keep in mind that many of the bridal dress designs often require a particular bra. Some bridal salons will provide a variety for you to wear while trying on your dress. But if you have some special bras of your own that might work under the dress, plan ahead, and bring them along for the fittings.

Don’t Purchase a Dress that Doesn’t Fit Well

Many brides find the perfect dress that may feel a bit tight and uncomfortable during the first fitting. But with that determined mentality, it can be easy to convince yourself that in a few months, you’ll shed those extra pounds and all will be well. This is never a good idea. Shop for the body that you have here and now, not the body you think you’ll have a few months down the road.

Book an Appointment

Walk-ins are something to avoid altogether. Most salons require viewings only by scheduling an appointment first. So don’t expect to be welcomed without one.

Keep Track of Hidden Costs

The bride’s dress is one of the larger expenses for the wedding day and often where budgets can easily get stretched. It’s important to remember that beyond the price tag on the dress, there are also other smaller items – alterations, veil, shoes, headpiece – that must be considered. All of these additional fees can really add up quickly, so always keep them in mind when determining your budget.

Shopping for your wedding dress is an exciting endeavour. But there are some important things to know about the process. So before you head out to shop for your wedding dress, keep each of these factors in mind so that you can be prepared in advance and enjoy the process of finding your perfect dress, hassle-free.

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