This Spring, Remember Why You Said “I Do”

Why not celebrate your marriage and life-long commitment together this spring? Let the world know that you would do it all over again and give each other the gift of reaffirming your love for one another for many more years to come. Not sure if it’s for you? Here are some great reasons to celebrate your commitment to one another and remember why you said “I do” in the first place.

Celebrate your silver or gold anniversary with a twist

Your silver and gold anniversary is the perfect time to honor your marriage once again. When you’ve made it this far, through all of the ups and downs, that should be worthy of celebrating. By reaffirming your love and pledge to one another, you can make that special anniversary even more wonderful.

Give yourself that wedding you didn’t have the first time

Maybe you didn’t get the wedding you dreamed of – perhaps money was tight at the time, or there were other obstacles preventing you from celebrating. Sometimes couples wish and dream about indulging in a certain type of wedding experience but it just wasn’t possible so many years ago. This spring might just be the right time to make that dream wedding a reality by renewing your vows in the way you always wanted.

Celebrate the better years

Sometimes couples struggle through their earlier years of marriage and have recently found that spark once again. There’s no better way to celebrate the better years than to rejoice in making it through to today and revel in all the good things the future will hold.

Include the whole family

Another great reason is to include your children or family members who were not present on your wedding day. The ceremony will not only be a re-commitment to each other, but also to the entire family.

Big or small, it’s on your terms

You don’t have to have a big ceremony to renew your vows; you can renew in privacy or even with some close friends and family. You can even plan a vacation setting, and say your “I do’s” while enjoying a tropical paradise on the beach. Whatever you prefer, you won’t have the same pressure as you did on your wedding day and can customize your vows however you wish.

Spring is the perfect time for renewal and a fresh start. Remembering why you said I do and saying it again, is the perfect way to express your life-long promise to one another.

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