How to Survive Wedding Planning Stress

There’s nothing quite as stress-inducing as sitting down with your notepad and pen to make your very first “to do” list after officially setting the date of your wedding. You start off in a state of blissful excitement, and before long you realize just how much work this single day really requires. Then your mind frantically drifts to the invitee list and all the family members and old friends that you feel obliged to invite. Suddenly your dream day of an intimate 35 has jumped to 105 and you’re grasping for air before you even begin to think about the seating placements.

Wedding planning stress is all a part of the process for many of us. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or make you feel as though you’d rather burying your head in the sand.

So before you dive in head first, here are some tips to help you survive wedding planning stress.

Ask for Help

Whether it’s your sister or your best friend, try to be both thoughtful and strategic with whom you choose as your wedding party. Having someone who can help you along through the process, someone who has been through the wedding day fiasco already (and loves the thought of organizing and planning!) can be your saving grace.

It’s okay to ask for help! So round up your wedding party, or even just your maid of honour and ask them to be your right-hand man or woman at helping during the planning process. But be thoughtful – don’t expect your maid of honour to make the cake, choose the setlist, keep bickering in-laws separated, and have time to do her makeup and hair on the big day.

Sweat it Out

While you’re making those weekly meet ups with your best friend or sibling, take some of those discussions to the gym. You can discuss your plans while you sweat out some of that stress. This is one of the best ways for multitasking and planning, all the while allowing your body to combat that anxiety while staying focused and sharp.

Date Nights

Just because you’ve set the date with your partner, doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the romance here and now! Make time at least once a week to have date night. Pencil it in and keep it there as a priority so that you and your partner can take some much-needed time for yourself to maintain that romance, and take your mind off of all that planning.

And this doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune each time – we know how wedding time means budget time. But you can easily find inexpensive ways to make it just as romantic.

Combating wedding planning stress is all about learning to incorporate ways to relax and recharge during each week. And don’t forget that asking for help is never something to feel ashamed of – especially when it comes to your wedding!

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