The Frugal Wedding

After the holidays, things seem to take a while to settle down financially. Every year more is spent than initially intended and credit cards may be higher than you would hope they would be. Perhaps it even feels like you will never be able to climb out of debt. Planning a wedding right after the holidays can be incredibly stressful not only financially but mentally. But if your dream wedding is to happen early in the new year, then the wedding plans must prevail! Here are some tips for how to have a frugal wedding.

Remove the extras

Some weddings go over the top with party favors, decorations, and elaborate activities. For your frugal wedding, make a list of the basics that you will require and don’t stray from your list. And make your list things that are necessary for the day, no unnecessary items. Things such as a great Ottawa wedding officiant, marriage licence, and at least two witnesses.

Buy a used dress, or wear one you already own!

Don’t spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a wedding dress you will only wear once. Take a look at consigned wedding dresses that have been gently worn before, rent a dress, or take a look through your closet and see if there is a nice dress that you would like to wear. There is no rule that says you need a long flowing ball gown dress for your wedding day. You can wear whatever you want; it’s your day! And there is no need to break your bank in the process.

Have a potluck

One of the most expensive parts of a wedding is the food. If you are having an informal wedding and feel comfortable asking people to bring their favourite dish with them instead of a present, then you can have an amazing potluck dinner as your wedding dinner! Save yourself thousands of dollars on expensive catered food and have a mix of everyone’s taste in food.

Don’t have open bar

A bar bill can be extremely expensive and can get out of hand quickly depending on how many people are at the wedding. Advise people in advance that there will be a cash bar and to bring money if they wish to drink. Although open bar seems like a nice gesture to provide to your guests, it is a very expensive endeavour that can leave you broke and fast.
Weddings are meant to be an expression of you and your love. Don’t go with the frills and extravagant extras if that is not how you generally live your life. You can make your wedding special and magical without driving yourself into debt; you just need to do a little bit of planning.

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