Tips for Surviving, And Enjoying, Your Wedding Day

Your big wedding day can be a whirlwind of chaos if you don’t have some decent planning involved and a great support network behind you. Being prepared and organized in advance can help prevent you from becoming flustered and overwhelmed. Here are some helpful tips to survive your wedding day and get the time you need to enjoy it with your new spouse.

Delegate tasks

Hiring a wedding planner can be extremely helpful to handle all the planning and to delegate tasks. But if you can’t hire one, then let your wedding party and family handle some of the logistics. You can assign people to handle the flowers, parking, ushering, payment to vendors and to take home the gifts, guest book, and even your gown.

Don’t be responsible for everything

The busier you are, the more the day goes by in a blur. Make sure to take the time to breathe and enjoy your special day with your new spouse and your family. Most people’s biggest regret is that they don’t spend enough time with their significant other on their wedding day.

Be organized ahead of time

Be sure to create a detailed itinerary the week up until the wedding. Share the details with everyone involved so they know exactly what is expected of them. And always have a backup plan for bad weather if you plan for an outdoor wedding.

Wake up refreshed

Skip the drinking the night before and instead go to sleep early.  Getting a good night’s sleep will help you wake up refreshed and ready for the day feeling your best.

Make sure to eat

Being the most popular couple in the room has its perks, but you can also get caught up socializing and forget to eat. Even if your nerves are a bit rattled make sure to eat a little something throughout the day to keep your energy up. Start with a healthy and filling breakfast and then remember to eat throughout the day so you aren’t starving before the cocktails arrive.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

If something happens to go wrong, don’t focus on it. You can get solace in knowing that you are surrounded by people who love you and will do whatever they can to help. Worrying about the small things can ruin your day, so assign one or two people to smooth over any ruffles and focus on celebrating with your new spouse.

You don’t have to stress during your wedding. You can have fun and actually enjoy it by using a few of these tips in advance to set the day off just right!

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