What Wedding Date Is Calling Your Name?

Summer is in the air and your upcoming wedding is on your mind – constantly. You’re engaged and suddenly everyone’s eager to know if you’ve set the date. Between the guests, the dress, and the venue, you’ve got a million things rolling through your thoughts. But details aside – you can’t move on to any other thoughts until you’ve got that date nailed down. But it’s not just simply picking your favourite day. Between the weather, the costs, the family, and other life events in the way, it can be downright overwhelming. Here are a few simple tips to help you narrow down the selection and pick which date is best suited for you.


Is cost a factor? If not, move along to the next point, but if it is, then this will influence which timeframe you’re aiming for. You have to consider what your budget will fall within. If you’re looking to cut down on costs as much as you can, then June, August, September, and October are months you most likely want to avoid since they are the most popular. And with popularity comes competition for venues and increased pricing. Off-peak periods such as January, March or December might be worth considering if the price is right.


The season clearly matters depending on the theme and whether you want to be frolicking in the sunshine during the big day, or saying your vows during a winter wonderland. Talk to your fiancée and decide on the weather that you both prefer, in conjunction with the feasibility of your budget. Figure out if budget or weather is of higher priority and make a compromise, or in some cases, a sacrifice.

Family and Guests Abroad

If a large portion of your family or friends abroad with whom you hold near and dear are a MUST for attending your special day – this should be a part of your decision process. You must consider that if you’re eager for a wedding in June – not only will that be peak season for the wedding, but also peak season for travelling. So take into consideration your family and friends who may not be able to afford the travelling expenses required to attend your wedding.

Price, weather, and travelling costs for friends and family – these are some of the most essential factors to consider to help you narrow down your date. Go through each of these giving careful thought, eliminating the months that are simply a no-go, and you’ll be able to nail down that perfect date before the next person asks, “When’s the wedding?”

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