Wedding Etiquette in 2016

In the past when wedding etiquette was discussed, it was things like “don’t wear a white ball gown” and “don’t be the drunk party guest.” In recent years, the expected etiquette has adapted with the modern plugged-in world. There are so many more faux pas to be mindful of in this day and age that it’s quite the chore preparing to attend or host a wedding. Here are a few key rules to follow for proper wedding etiquette in 2016.

Be Mindful of Social Media Before, During, and After the Wedding


If you received a private invitation to a wedding, be careful not to broadcast it on your own Facebook until you’ve spoken with the bride or groom. They may have needed to narrow down the guest list and might be trying to be sensitive to those who were unable to be invited.


Remember that everything posted on Facebook or Instagram is available for the world to see, so don’t post pictures you think might offend the bride or groom. For instance, if you take a picture of you with the bride and you look dyn-o-mite in the picture, but the bride is making an unflattering face, think twice before you post it. It’s her day, not yours.


Sometimes the bride and groom want to be the ones to showcase their own wedding photos and do not want to rush their photographer. By posting hundreds of pictures before the bride and groom have a chance to show off their best pics and tell their own story you could be robbing them of some of their after-wedding magic. Try sending them some pictures in a private message so as to involve them in your side of their wedding, but don’t steal the thunder from them completely!

For the Bride and Groom – Send Out Paper Invites

In this extremely internet-heavy age we live in, people are receiving upwards of 100 emails a day! And spam filters have really taken a beating with the endless promotions flooding our inboxes. If you send an email invitation you run the risk of getting caught in people’s spam boxes and them not actually receiving the invitation. By “snail mailing” the invitations, or even hand-delivering them to those close to you, you are automatically making your wedding invitation more important than all of those 20% off sale emails that flood our inboxes daily.

Stay Out of the Photographer’s Way

Perhaps you are an aspiring photographer and want to get some practice to boost your portfolio. Well, unless the couple asked you to be the main photographer, then it’s best if you choose another day to practice your skills. Steering clear of the professional photographer will ensure they can do their job properly. It’s not as if the day can easily be re-created, so it’s best if you choose another day to brush up on your photography skills.

There are many different ways that social media can play havoc or generate excitement on a wedding day. Everything you put out on social media regarding a wedding should be positive and respectful. Help make the bride and groom’s day special and magical!

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