Writing a Wedding Toast to Remember

Are you interested in writing and delivering a wedding toast to remember? Good luck, you’re going to need it! All joking aside, there are some things wedding officiants in Ottawa recommend to write and say something that will leave people moved. Let’s take a moment to cover the basic framework for creating an incredible wedding toast – and some things that should never go into a wedding toast. Let’s begin!

Creating a Story

Giving a toast is a great honour. When writing your toast, be aware of what role you are playing in the wedding and tailor your toast accordingly. For example, if you are toast giver #4, then having a long, drawn out story will probably not go over well as people will want to return to their meals and conversations. To this end, be aware of timing and the length of your toast when read aloud. Understand that speaking your toast will take far longer than reading it.

Find the purpose of your toast. It can be a theme about strength, determination, poise, or any other trait about the bride or groom that you want to highlight. If you include a story that only you and maybe a few other people outside the married couple know, then you will want to keep it short, provide an explanation, and make it integral to the toast. It is common to transition from humour and to end on a more serious tone.

Practice Beforehand

Want to give a memorable toast? Be a person who speaks memorably. You will have to practice your toast. Work on the timing of what you say. Be aware of the flow, of breaks for laughing or brief pauses for contemplation. Build the energy of the speech towards the congratulation at the end. Ask people for their advice and see what they think. Don’t be afraid to make changes. Wedding officiants in Ottawa can offer recommendations on speeches that hit all the fine points and come from the heart.

What To Leave Behind

You will want to keep things out of your toast that are considered inappropriate for the wedding. Remember, there is a difference from hanging out with friends and being in a place where both families are gathered. Do not talk about people’s other previous partners. Do not bring up sex or the qualities of the marriage save for a congratulations and wishing well. As a final consideration, you might want to avoid the open bar until after your toast is complete.

With these tips, you’ll have no trouble at all writing a wedding toast to remember!

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